What is Baking Clean?

Baking Clean means using the best ingredients whenever possible.  Which, means we must know how an ingredient works in a recipe, how it was grown, what it really should taste like and if there is an healthier alternate.

I created this website to encourage, help and teach everyone about baking/eating cleaner for all types of diets.

This site will relate to baking organic, gluten-free, vegan desserts, etc.   Starting with mostly organic.    I say "mostly organic", because I don't believe that the world we live now can be 100% organic.  The cotton in our clothes is genetically modified.  If you choose to be 100% organic, you will limit yourself to a very small list of foods, clothing, grooming products, etc.

We all must start slowly and realistically.  There is no need to throw everything out of your pantry when comes to eating  more cleaner.  It is best to start with baby steps.