Misen en Place = Everything in its Place

When you make a healthy life change what steps do you take?
Some people throw everything out and start brand new. Start a gym membership, start a new job, divorce, move across country, etc. 
What happens then?  It works for a little while, untilllllll…..Until what? 
Until your stress level go up again. Life comes at you and you back to your comfort zones.  Wether it is going back to stinking thinking, a bad relationship, ice cream, etc. 
How do you stop yourself from going back to old unhealthy habits? 
Misen en Place.  Pronounced “mees un plah”.  It is a French Culinary Term that means “Everything In Its Place”
I spoke about this briefly on my March 30th Live Cooking Scope.  The cookies did not come out right.  Which was not a problem, because things happen on live tv. That was not the real issue. The real issues were I was not as focused on the measurements as I thought I was. And, the biggest issue was I did not have a backup plan.  Aka Contingency Plan. My Misen en Place was a little out of wack.  
It wasn’t a total loss because I told myself when I started out live cooking there would be mistakes, accidents and issues.  I realistically put things in there place. 
And that is what we all have to do when it comes to dealing with life.  Especially, when you are trying to make healthy life changes.  As soon as you try to do something good for yourself obstacles, speed bumps and stumbling blocks all of a sudden drop out of the sky. They usually come in the form of one of the following: family relations, financial relations or health issues. 
The big question is how do we keep ourselves from not easily falling back into old unhealthy habits?  No one is perfect. We all have our moments. 
The best way to not go back to our old familiar habits is to take baby steps. We can’t run a marathon if we can even do 20 mins on the treadmill. We need to be realistic with small changes that build upon each other. That way we can establish a strong solid foundation of healthy habits. 
After awhile you won’t believe you even used to do some of those old bad habits. 
One of the hardest things to change are eating habits. Even harder is having the whole family change together.  Changing your pantry basic is first step.

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