Sugars/Sweeteners Part 3 (Vegan/Plant Based)

Blackstrap Molasses

the dark liquid that remains after sugar cane has been processed and boiled three times. The most nutritional sweetener.

Brown Rice Syrup (Rice Malt Syrup)

Whole Grain Rice steeped into sugar. Consistency of Honey.

Coconut Sugar

made from the sap of the Coconut Flower.  It is high in nutrients.  It is a brown granulated sugar, that looks like Turbinado Sugar.

Date Sugar

from the Date Fruit. Dehydrated it is granulated or blended fruit with water as a paste. It can be substituted 1:1 in place of Brown Sugar.


a sugar alcohol that is found naturally in certain fruits, unless in dried form. If it is powdered it was factory processed but still considered vegan.

Evaporated Cane Sugar

the crystalized liquid that remains after sugar cane has been processed. It is granulated similar to white table sugar.

Maple Syrup

sap from Maple Trees. Often imitated but never duplicated. There are many syrups on the shelf which are simple syrups with added flavors and colorings.


extracted from the leaves of a plant called Stevia Redaudiana. You can use the powder or the whole leaf (if you can find it).


a sugar alcohol found in birch trees (wood) and several kinds of fruit and vegetables (mainly corn cobs). Looks like white sugar.

Yacon Syrup

from the Yacon Plant and pours like Maple Syrup.

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