For The Love Of Food

I love food!!  I really do, especially desserts.

As a baker, I love the various combinations of flour, sugar, butter, eggs and flavorings.  When I am in my kitchen measuring, creating, baking and tasting, I am in therapy.
WE all need therapy, wether you admit it or not.

My customers and friends say they love or would love to eat the desserts I create, but….they are vegans, have gluten sensitivities or prefer organic ingredients.  So I expanded my baked goods to reflect one or all three requests.

Like most people I thought using ingredients that are organic, gluten-free or vegan was going to be too expensive, going to taste like tree bark and that I would have to by a lot of other ingredients to replace the flavor.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Some of my recipes actually taste better.

Watch me live on We will discuss food additives, definition of food label terms, define organic, etc.  It is free to watch and type in your comments and questions.

I go live Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, 6:50am Arizona Time.  Currently that is MST.   Since Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time, we don’t change time,  just switch time zones.  March 12th is Daylight Savings Time and Arizona will then be PST.
(Just for clairification we don’t ever change our clocks we just pick the time zone that matches our clocks.)

Also, I have started having live cooking demos once a week, usually Thursday nights.  I like to take my test recipes to work and get my co-workers opinion’s  on Friday mornings.

Please join me.  I would really love to see your comments, questions and suggestions.

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